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Welcome to Fresh Start Family Farms

 Fresh Start Family Farms is a local family owned and operated producer of all natural, cage free, free range, pasture raised eggs located near Ellicott Colorado. Our birds are fed an all vegetarian diet and are free to roam and forage as they please, during the winter months when vegetation is brown, cut alfalfa and natural “scratch” grains are scattered to encourage and support their normal drive to forage.

 The girls are provided with plenty of nest boxes to lay their

beautiful eggs. The nests are cleaned every morning and topped off with fresh pine shavings to ensure the hens have a clean soft place to lay.

The eggs are gathered by hand throughout the day, usually by Kelly and then brought inside for washing, sanitizing and packaging in all new cartons and flats made from recycled fiber.

At night the happy girls go home on their own through the three access doors to the house which are opened in the morning and closed at night for their safety when they are all in.

Once inside for the night ample room for roosting naturally is provided whether they choose to roost up high or bed down on the pine shavings.

Security for the farm is provided exclusively by “ZEUS” a 120 pound Turkish Akbash who does an excellent job at keeping the hawks and eagles at bay during the day and the coyotes away night.

Unfortunately in October of 2014 ZEUS did not return home one day and we suspect that he was stolen, he has been replaced by SAMSON and DELILAH both Turkish Akbash as well.

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