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Fresh Start Family Farms LLC  31470 Jamar Ln, Calhan, CO 80808 719-493-9780

 The property where Fresh Start Family Farms is located has been in Tony’s family since 1979 and is currently owned by Tony, his sister Trudy, and his two brothers Bill and Jim.

 As a boy Tony’s love of chickens and producing fresh, healthy eggs began at the age of fourteen when his father Anthony bought him twenty birds on the condition that he raise and care for them himself. Tony won two grand champion, four reserve grand champion, and several other ribbons at the Adams County Fair during his youth.

 Tony attended Hinkley High School in Aurora Colorado where he met Kelly Jo  and fell in love. After high school Tony enlisted in the Army and was stationed in Germany and they lost contact with each other and attempts to contact each other were of no avail. Tony married and had three wonderful boys Aaron, Andrew and Aric. Kelly also married and had two beautiful girls Jessica and Breann two great boys Troy and William. End of that love story right, not so fast, by Gods grace they were reunited twenty seven years later and were given a fresh start and united in marriage on September 11th 2010  and thus the beginning of Fresh Start Family Farms. William  helps out on the farm and his sister Breann and her daughter Karsyn jo live with them as well. Jessica and her sons Joey and Aiden live in Iowa Troy also lives in Iowa. Aaron, Andrew, and Aric live in Wisconsin. In 2010 Aaron enlisted in the Army and is a combat medic, Andrew enlisted in the Army this year and will be training as a fire control specialist in May 2011.

 Kelly and Tony plan to relocate Fresh Start Family Farms further east of Denver where they can expand and build a future for their children and grandchildren in the near future.

 We believe in God, Family, And Country. We believe that every family deserves the healthiest most wholesome food possible at a reasonable price and that the land and animals that provide that food should be treated  with respect, we strive to uphold these beliefs daily.

         The Cobosco’s

Family built, family operated, and family strong from the ground up

UPDATE 1/2016

We have finally been able to relocate to a 35 acre home near Calhan Colorado 30 miles East of Colorado Springs so the process of building begins again. The original plan was to keep the farm fully operational in Aurora until we had buildings up down here but that didn’t work out as planned so we had to sell all but 45 of our birds and are now starting over again. We were able to build a temporary structure with material available and some poles from a previous structure still in the ground to house the 45 but the main house will have to wait til Spring. We will do the best we can to continue serving as many of you as we can throughout this process.