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We are very proud to announce that Fresh Start Family Farms eggs are now available at Marczyc Fine Foods locally owned they are located at the corner of 17th and Clarkson in Denver offering premium meats and produce from local farms and ranches, cheeses from around the world, and fine wines. Pete and Paul and the whole staff are very friendly and helpful. Stop by and pick up everything you need for dinner or grab a sandwich from their awesome deli. We currently DO NOT have any eggs available at Marczyk however Marczyk does carry farm fresh eggs from another fine producer, we should be returning soon.

Divine Journey Inc. Is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to provide assistance to the needy and under privileged including but not limited to; medical issues and treatment, education assistance, assistance due to physical impairment, disaster, and emotional distress. To learn how you can help them fulfil their mission please visit their web site.

This web site is hosted by free hosting, it is truly banner and add free their banner is here because of the great service I have received from them, they also offer premium hosting at very reasonable rates and as our site grows we will definitely stay with them and upgrade when more features are needed. I’m a farmer not a web designer and had several issues that I needed help with and the techs at responded very quickly even though we are using their free hosting. Whether you have a large site or a very small site such as ours  they are great.

(No we are not receiving any compensation from them for attaching their banner)

For all your plumbing needs give West Tech Plumbing a call, their services include drain cleaning, hot water heater installation, sprinkler service, line repair and replacement, swamp coolers and everything else plumbing. We have worked with them on several occasions, their technicians are punctual, friendly, knowledgeable and the price is reasonable.  

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