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5:16 PM

Just so you all know our birds lay all year round the house is heated and lighted, every year we go through a period during the winter that sales drop to hardly none and we think this is due to folks thinking that the chickens quit laying, well they don’t you can get the same fresh eggs in February that you get in July so don’t be shy come on by.

November 17th 2015: We closed on the new (and hopefully permanent) home of Fresh Start Family Farms. Kelly and I have been blessed to have purchased 35.2 acres 30 miles East of Colorado Springs in Calhan (closer to Ellicott) Colorado just off HWY 94 and Calhan HWY. This is a huge move for us we will now be able to expand the egg production and even add some things like honey and sheep, however it will also affect many of our existing customers ability to get eggs. We hope that everyone is understanding while we go through this process we will begin construction on the new chicken house in the spring and hopefully add at least one bee hive at the same time and then a few others as Kelly gets used to bees being around. We also plan on adding around 20 sheep to the farm over the next few years.